ECG Network

Smooth workflow design, extremely simplified user experience, advanced filtering technology, intelligent morphological analysis algorithm, everything is just to hear your inner voice.

Improve the efficiency of ECG diagnosis and master the 

core analysis methods

ECG network system
Smooth workflow design, extremely simplified user experience

Telemedicine network management system in-hospital ECG network application

Pass the ECG data of patients distributed in various clinical departments through the intra-hospital LAN
Upload to the diagnostic center set up in the cardiology department or electrocardiogram room,
According to the data, the doctor in the cardiology department or the electrocardiogram room will make a diagnosis report,
Stored on the server, the clinical department can choose to print the report or
View and consult on the HIS system

Build the system
Central hospital set up diagnosis center Set up collection points in primary hospitals
Collection upload
The collection point collects patient's ECG and blood pressure data and automatically uploads it to the telemedicine platform
Expert diagnosis and treatment
The doctor in the diagnosis center reads the patient information and issues a diagnosis report, which is automatically saved to the telemedicine platform
Diagnose report
Download, print or share the diagnosis report at the collection point and inform the patient.
The ECG, blood pressure and other examination data of patients distributed in primary medical institutions are uploaded to the diagnosis center of the central hospital through the telemedicine network. Experts in the diagnosis center issue diagnosis reports based on the data and send them back to the primary medical institutions
Professional diagnosis
Collection in clinical departments, diagnosis in professional departments
Improve efficiency
Improve work efficiency and reduce human and material expenditure
Electronic storage
The report is electronic, which is conducive to preservation, access, and sharing, and breaks the status quo of information silos
Improve management
Promote informatization construction and improve management efficiency
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