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Warmly celebrate the new revision of our website

2017-01-10 09:33:08


  In order to enhance corporate image, strengthen the network publicity, to create favorable conditions for the management and development of the company, to better show the image of the company, Huizhou cmics Medical Instrument Co., Ltd. website ( successfully completed the upgrade.
  This website is mainly to improve the image of the company, convenient product promotion, improve the company influence as the goal, the website column setting, function design, service and other forms of content and made a big adjustment, in accordance with the functional zoning of re establishing the column plate, further integration of information resources to provide customers with more efficient and convenient the service.

  The new website column positioning more accurate, more rich content, to guide and assist corporate news, corporate culture construction. We will, as always, with a more full of enthusiasm, a more focused spirit, more professional quality to provide our clients with quality services.
  The operation of the new website indicates that our company has put forward higher requirements in the field of network publicity, and has reached a higher level.
  Hope that we continue to focus on providing more valuable advice.

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