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AECG-12A: 12 Channel Holter ECG Analyzing System

    Standard 12 channel reorder to guarantee excellent 24 hour ECG signal 

    Built in SD card of 2G to avoid damage due to frequent plug in/out

    High resolution LCD to display ECG trace,recording time and alarm info

    Patient event button for particular recording with automatic correlation

    Compatible with 3 channel recorder and 12 channel recorder

    Intuitive and friendly multi-windows display to optimize doctor's operation

    Quick data transferring & accurate analysis within 3 minutes

    High accuracy in QRS discrimination and template classification

    Advanced diagnostic tools for QTd,TIB,HRT,Atrial fibrillation/flutter,HRV and OSAS

    Customized language setting allows locally lingual transformation

    Special report editing tool enables customized option and color printing

    A4 paper printing with/without ECG grid

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