First China medical instrument investment development forum is held in Beijing

Date:2021-12-01 16:19
  On May 18, creates by Beijing throws the association and Beijing coordinates the innovation service alliance union sponsor “2009 China medical instrument investment development forum” to convene in Beijing, this is domestic first comprehensive, the specialized attention capital and the medical instrument effective union question development forum. The forum take “listens attentively to the capital sound to eagerly anticipate the industry to rise “as a subject, from more than 100 related enterprises, the scientific research courtyard institutes and undertaking investment institution''s nearly 200 representatives is assemble, discusses together the capital and the science and technology altogether presses the medical instrument profession to deal with the financial crisis, to realize the sustained development important matter. Beijing transaction in technology promotion center director, Beijing created throw association Secretary General Niu Jinming to deliver the welcoming speech to conference representative, Beijing Municipal science committee biology medicine place manager medical instrument''s person in charge and the Zhongguan Village management meeting and so on Coherent units'' related leadership also attended this forum.